Health care

Q1)What are the special Gerontological Care Services you are talking about in newspapers?

  • Trained by a reputed institute in Australia, our Social Workers will personally facilitate the mapping of successful ageing processes of every resident who joins. This will be done in line with the assessment results of the cognitive and physical motor skills of the resident.
  • The Psychologist in-house also guides group therapy sessions for residents in need of venting their mental worries and those who require support group relationships.

Q2)What about ill old? We read about Alzheimer people also being taken care of in Dignity Lifestyle?

  • Yes, we have an Assisted Care Block where we provide tender loving care to such persons.

Q3)Can I keep my husband who gets Alzheimer's in my Cottage only and look after him?

  • No, He will will to be admitted in the Assisted Care Block only.

Q4)Supposing I get Parkinson's, will you take care of me?

  • Yes, till your lifetime. We have a separate Assisted Care Block for such persons. Only the enhanced monthly maintenance charges will have to be paid.