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  • We have been in this field of direct intervention for 19 years
  • We have cared to learn the pulse of senior citizens
  • We have appointed professionals trained in elder care
  • Our pricing structure is most elder-friendly which has evolved using the best practices in many successful homes abroad -- light on the purse
  • The management of the township is directly in the trusted hands of the Trust-appointed service providers
  • We are located in the most salubrious, pollution-free foothills, lush with greens all around

Funny, isn’t it? You’ve worked hard all your life, hoping that someday you could put your feet up on a sunny porch and do nothing more than read a book.

But when that day does arrive, you start missing the frenetic pace - feeling left out and without purpose. Suddenly, you don’t want to slow down. You wish you could turn back the clock, and start rushing again.

However prepared you think you are for retirement, the reality is very different, and the emptiness looms large. That period of your life that you yearned for all your working years, does not seem to hold the same appeal anymore. You begin to feel that this is the beginning of old age, and it is downhill from here.

Don’t despair! You’re not the only one who feels this way. It’s how most people nearing retirement feel. At Dignity, we’ve spent over Two decades working with senior citizens to understand how exactly they feel. And it has only helped us serve them better.

Dignity Lifestyle looks at retirement from a whole new perspective. Not as the onset of old age where you settle comfortably into a rocking chair, but rather, the beginning of an ‘active’ new lifestyle where you can deploy your skills to serve society, and feel gainfully employed once again. You could, for instance, manage one of our village development projects, or assist in running the township.

Your loved ones may look after you and tend to your physical needs, but can they cope with your emotional and psychological needs? At Dignity Lifestyle, our Social Workers are specially trained in Geriatric and Gerontological Care, so they understand you better.

Each resident’s progress is closely monitored, and assessed periodically to see how he or she is doing. A specific programme is designed for each resident, based on physical and cognitive skills, and aptitude.

And for those wanting to vent their pent-up emotions and worries, our in-house psychologists conduct group therapy sessions, while our 100-room Assisted Living facility will provide lifetime attendant care to those who need it.




Above all we have provided the following security facilities

  • 24x7 security personnel.
  • Safety lockers in every cottage.
  • Emergency alarm bell in each cottage.
  • Availability of basic health care monitoring on a daily basis.

Because we understand exactly how you feel.