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About Us

Dignity Lifestyle is a hassle-free retirement township established by Dignity Lifestyle Trust, promoting active and productive living among senior citizens.

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Who is invited?

Anyone over 55 years.

Services and Facilities

At Dignity Lifestyle, you don’t just buy a house - you buy a second life. Our scenic cottages, along with numerous health facilities, special care programmes, fitness amenities and exciting social calendar are available to anyone over the age of 55 years, for as long as they wish.

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How long can you stay?



Dignity Lifestyle offers two principal types of accommodation - Independent Living cottages of varying sizes where senior citizens can live with their spouses for as long as they wish, and Assisted Living cottages which are care units where our attendants tend to occupants who require constant care. Accommodation is permanent, so residents can develop a sense of familiarity and belonging and feel at home

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What do you buy?

A Second Life.